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Content simplified.

We make presentations understandable and resonant.

In a hurry?

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put your ideas into the world. We are experts at explaining complex ideas in simpler ways, building meaningful narratives, and crafting visual stories that will transform your audience.

Be convincing.

Our services are right for any pitch.


We help companies with their sales pitches, conference presentations, fund raising presentations and more. No matter who you are presenting for, Thinkk can help you establish your goals. We can enhance, revise, or redesign your existing presentations. And if you would like to use video in your presentations, we have a track record producing great video content.

We develop and design presentations typically for these occasions:

The other side of the table is considering your RFP (request for proposal) and many sales presentations use the same jargon. Thinkk helps you pitch with original copy and visuals.



Conference-presentationsCONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS
For larger audiences you cannot simply put up the slides from your sales presentation. You can’t adjust your presentation mid way. You need to get your pitch right beforehand. Thinkk can help.



The challenge is how to explain a completely new concept to an impatient investor who sees pitches and business plans every day. Bold, highly visual slides in the beginning to explain the problem and present your solution. And, more conservative slides to discuss the team, the milestones, and the financial projections.



Venture capital and private equity funds need to raise money themselves, and the presentations they use often look the same. First-time funds need to pitch their credibility, follow-on fund raises need to present their portfolio and track record.



Visualising financial data in such a way that the right messages stands out. It requires more than just copy-pasting data from the accounts. Communicating the strategy is part of these pitches too.

An unlimited partnership.

More then 20 years of experience working with great clients.

We’ve had the chance to work with some great clients. From global companies to bootstrapped startups, from suit-and-tie organizations to creative studios. They all share the same conviction for stunning presentations.

Have a minute?

In less than 1 minute, our presentation portfolio.


We are going to keep this brief, because you’re not going to stick around for long. You’re in a hurry and we understand. So here is a less-than-1-minute-video with our presentation portfolio.

Thinkk can transform your message into a visually rich, easy to navigate dynamic document tailored for use on all platforms. Yes, that includes tablets and smartphones.

Want more then slides? Use video.

Motion design is completely customizable and flexible.


10 years ago, you might have noticed a startling number of children playing portable video game devices at restaurants. You might have been slightly annoyed. Now, those children are in your workforce. So it’s not just the kids that are heavily reliant on motion-saturated information of late.

Sometimes your idea is best showcased and shared through multimedia, including motion graphics, videos, and animated demos. These elements can either be embedded in your presentation, or stand on their own.

Explainer Video.

A picture worth a thousand words? Then video is worth a million.


Turn complexity into elegance with an Explainer Video.

If it takes more than a minute or two to figure out what problem you’re trying to solve, the audience is probably more likely to simply skip to the next message than to try to make sense of your product or service. So, prioritize your message and keep it short.

Thinkk produces Explainer Videos that help market your service or product. Other uses are increase of press coverage and SEO improvement of your website. If you run a website or app, you don’t need a single screenshot to make an effective video. With an animated Explainer Video you will simply explain what you actually do or how it works. Explainer Videos, created by Thinkk.

See what we can do for you.

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