Be convincing.

Our services are right for any pitch.


We help companies with their sales pitches, conference presentations, fund raising presentations and more. No matter who you are presenting for, Thinkk can help you establish your goals. We can enhance, revise, or redesign your existing presentations. And if you would like to use video in your presentations, we have a track record producing great video content.

We develop and design presentations typically for these occasions:

The other side of the table is considering your RFP (request for proposal) and many sales presentations use the same jargon. Thinkk helps you pitch with original copy and visuals.



Conference-presentationsCONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS
For larger audiences you cannot simply put up the slides from your sales presentation. You can’t adjust your presentation mid way. You need to get your pitch right beforehand. Thinkk can help.



The challenge is how to explain a completely new concept to an impatient investor who sees pitches and business plans every day. Bold, highly visual slides in the beginning to explain the problem and present your solution. And, more conservative slides to discuss the team, the milestones, and the financial projections.



Venture capital and private equity funds need to raise money themselves, and the presentations they use often look the same. First-time funds need to pitch their credibility, follow-on fund raises need to present their portfolio and track record.



Visualising financial data in such a way that the right messages stands out. It requires more than just copy-pasting data from the accounts. Communicating the strategy is part of these pitches too.